Join our team of volunteers and make Night to Shine an unforgettable experience for our honored guests.

Volunteer Registration opens December 6, 2020.



When is Night to Shine 2021?

Night to Shine 2021 will involve two separate events: Shine-Thru on February 5, 2021 and Virtual Night to Shine hosted by the Tim Tebow Foundation on February 12, 2021. Volunteers are needed for our Shine-Thru event on February 5, 2021 beginning at 4 PM.

Where is Night to Shine held?

Southwest Florida Night to Shine is hosted by New Hope Ministries in Naples, FL. Our Shine-Thru event will be held at the Collier County Fairgrounds at:

751 39th Ave NE

Naples, FL 34120

Do I need prior experience with or knowledge of special needs in order to volunteer?

Absolutely not! We’re looking for anyone who wants to celebrate the value of life and shower our guests with God’s love!


What do I need to do to volunteer?

All volunteers will need to:

1) Register on our site

2) Attend a virtual training session

3) Submit either a (1) background check form if 18 or older OR (2) a parent permission form if under the age of 18. All volunteers MUST attend ONE training session and have a completed background check or permission form in order to volunteer, regardless of past volunteer experience with Night to Shine.

Please visit our Calendar page to find upcoming virtual training dates.

Are there any age requirements to volunteering?

Volunteers must be 14 or older to serve. Any volunteer under the age of 16 must be supervised by an adult.

What can I expect at Night to Shine?

As a result of the global circumstances of COVID-19, Night to Shine 2021 will look a little different but through God’s blessing and your involvement, we pray it will still bless hundreds of honored guests with special needs!

Shine-Thru is going to be an incredible event; every guest will drive in on a 'red carpet' complete with a warm welcome from a friendly crowd and paparazzi. As they drive the route of Shine-Thru, guests will experience spectacular decorations, live music, dinner for our guests and family members, and take-home prom favors. It is a night not only for guests to shine, but for churches to shine, for volunteers to shine, and most importantly, for Christ to shine.

What precautions are being taken for the safety of guests, their families and volunteers at Shine-Thru?

The safety of our guests, their families and our volunteers is a top priority for us. We have worked on finding a solution that enables us to celebrate our guests in a special way while maintaining a safe environment for all. Guests and their families will be asked to remain in their cars throughout Shine-Thru, and all volunteers will be required to wear a mask and spread out to limit contact. We want everyone to feel safe participating and attending; if you are unable or unwilling to wear a mask then you will be ineligible to volunteer. 

What will I do as a volunteer?

We have many roles to fill in order to provide an incredible evening for our guests. Below you will find all of the volunteer roles we aim to fill and a short description of each.

When registering, please indicate your top choices. We do our best to accommodate preferences but please keep in mind that we have to fulfill our volunteer needs as well. You may be asked to serve in a different role than you originally indicated, or may even be asked to fill multiple roles. We appreciate your understanding, patience and flexibility as we work to make this night a success!

Volunteer Roles:

Food Prep Team: Assist caterer with unloading food, additional food preparation and delivering food to the event site. Members of the food prep team need to be available during the day on Friday, February 5 for assistance with setup.

Food Service Team: Assist guests in identifying their preferred choice in food. Deliver take-home dinners to guests in their cars along the route. 

Guest Check In Team: Warmly greet guests and sign them in and answer any questions they may have. Assist with handing out gift bags and prom favors to guests. 

Photography/Videography Team: Take high quality photos and videos; edit and compile photos/videos for press releases and event highlights.

**This team must be filled by licensed professionals who have their own equipment. Waivers will be signed to provide photos and videos to be uploaded to the Tim Tebow Foundation by the next day.**

Parking & Transportation Team: Maintain a parking pattern and direct traffic for easy vehicle entry and exit through the Shine-Thru route. Maintain open fire and emergency lanes.

Red Carpet Team: Cheer on guests as they make their way down the red carpet and through the Shine-Thru driving route; manage flow of traffic and make them feel welcomed. Treat participants like honored guests and celebrities.

Sensory Team: Assist guests and/or their families who may have become over-stimulated. Help guests find the restroom, and offer assistance in the restroom if needed. If a guest requires assistance with more than getting in and out of a stall or hand washing, it is appropriate to ask their parent or caregiver for assistance.

Set-Up Team: Help with set-up prior to the event (we will need volunteers on the night before and the day of).

Tear Down Team: Take down decorations, tables, chairs, etc. and clean up the event area.

Volunteer Check-In Team: Greet volunteers, give them their name badges and direct them to their team leader.


I still have questions, who can I contact?

If you have questions about volunteering, please email us at volunteers.swflnts@gmail.com!


Volunteers who register with SWFL Night to Shine will need to attend a training session and either complete a background check form (18 or older) OR a parent permission form (under the age of 18).

Download and complete these forms prior to training and bring them with you to expedite your check-in at training. 

Visit our Calendar page to see upcoming training dates!

Download, complete and return this form if you are 18 or older and will be volunteering with Night to Shine.

Download, complete and return this form if you are under the age of 18 and will be volunteering with Night to Shine.